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Assalamu'alaikum WRT

We all know exercise is great for us. It improves both physical and mental health as well as giving us higher levels of energy throughout the day. If, like many people, you struggle to exercise on a consistent basis, then most like exercise is not a ‘habit’ for you. Habits are behaviours that are largely automatic and you don’t have to spend time motivating yourself to do it – it’s simply a part of your routine and lifestyle. If you would like exercise to become ‘automatic’ for you – along with all the associated benefits – follow this proven 7 step method from “7 Steps to Make or Break Habits” E-book .

1. Develop Self Awareness

First you must develop awareness of the need to change. What are all the reasons that starting an exercise habit is a necessity for you?

You also need to build awareness of your current exercise habits and fitness level so you can make improvements. Are you exercising daily, weekly or not at all? What is currently preventing you from exercising? Is it a lack of time, enjoyment or fitness know-how? Can you remove some of these obstacles?

2. Set a Goal

Set a goal for the amount of exercise you would like to be doing. To successfully condition a habit you will need to do the activity every day for 30 days to ensure it sticks. Therefore, it is best to start off with something small that you can doEVERYDAY rather than attempting strenuous workouts that will leave you unable to exercise for days later.

Make sure you goal is SMART (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely). For example, “I will walk for 15 minutes each day for the next 30 days at an aerobically challenging pace”. You might want to include the time of day you will exercise as well if appropriate e.g. 7am weekday mornings and 9am on the weekend. Now you have something specific and measureable to hold yourself accountable to.

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